boo time

It's getting around that time of year again when all I want to do is get outside and enjoy the cooler weather -it always seems like such a great idea to hit all the local festivals too, wish I had the time to do so.
But alas, I do not - so instead, I will waste some time with you by sharing a mini album, circa 2010.  

I found the letter book last year in the dollar bin @ Target and thought that I could make it work and well the result is..... a darn cute mini Halloween 'BOO' book. 

As for the book it's self, I didn't alter it too much on the fronts but the backs, well I went a little crazy there. I was being influenced greatly by Arlene here @ the time and she used a medium called Glass Bead Gel here (which is exactly what is sounds like) that looked totally cool so of course I had to try it.  Admittedly I still need to play with it some more to really get comfortable with it but on the whole, that stuff really IS cool.  It gives a ton of texture but dries clear and if I'm not mistaken you can mix color into it as well, like an acrylic paint and still get the texture just with color.  I have yet to try that, like I mentioned I need to play around with it some more, but I bet that would be cool too. 
 As for the mini, it has a lot going on.  I added lots of tags and embellishments, in fact the tag above is from a shirt that my daughter received, so on the back of it I added a little something and put it in the book too.  Why not, it goes along with the over all look and it helps to tell a better story I think (i can go back & remember what size she was wearing then).
As for the front of the pages, that's where I added the embellishments.  Most of them are fabric (the bats you see on the striped page, and the pom-poms-from a pair of Halloween socks) but there are also a couple of sticker labels that I picked up last year @ Michael's.
In this mini, hence the type (mini), I didn't have a whole lot of room to add the photos & the journaling so I came up with the idea of doing pocket pictures where I could hide the journaling and still have it all fit into the book.  So above you can see the double sided photo pocket with the green tab on the top, this is what I did with all the photos.
Here in this photo you can see the journaling cards I made with a library card acrylic stamp, it makes a great place to do the journaling and that stamp is one that I use often just for that purpose 
As I said I did this for all the photos, so that I would have a place to record some of the details that I don't want to forget.  To turn my double sided photos into pockets, I added tissue tape around the outsides except for one side, I have to be a bit more careful when I'm pushing the journaling spot back in but for the most part this idea seems to have worked just fine.
So here is the back page, this is where I keep a majority of the photo pockets, I think there are 3 in here.  The way that I stuffed them in was I used a felt spider web ribbon by Martha Stewart here that I adhered down very tight to the two sides and the bottom of the page, leaving the top edge free so that the web creates the pocket.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, having the photos on the back of the album, but the web actually protects them so that they don't get beat up as quick and I'm okay with it.
Well there's my BOO mini, hope you like it.  And if you are ever inspired to do a project, do a mini - most companies now make enough product that you don't need all the fancy tools and gadgets, just get ya some glue and a mini book that you like and you're set:  here would be a great place to start, I typed into google search Halloween mini kits and got a ton of sites to check out, so for those of you wanting a little something more maybe this is the way to go. 
Thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a wonderful day!  This Sunday on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 lets all take a moment of silence for our lost brothers & sisters and prayer that their families have healed and are happy & healthy.
Thanks again....
just B......


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